About Clickocurrency

What is Clickocurrency?

Clickocurrency is a mobile game that simulates cryptocurrency in a fun way! You as a player want to mine Clicko coins by using a pickaxe. The point of the game is to try and mine as many coins as you can before there are none left. There is only a few million Clicko coins to mine; the more that are mined, the harder it will be to obtain coins.

How much is a Clicko coin worth in the game?

The value of a Clicko coin fluctuates depending on two major factors: how many Clicko coins are left to mine and how many have been sold. The least amount of coins left, the more valuable they are. Every time someone in the world mines a coin, the value of the coin slightly increases. However, players can sell their coins for some in-game items, which decreases the value of the coins.

Should I go for coins or money?

There are two ways to rank high in the leaderboards: amount of coins and amount of money. If you want to collect as many coins as you can, limit the amount of purchasing you do in the market. However, if you want to have a lot of money, you should keep an eye on the money graph, find when the moment is perfect, and start selling your coins for gold bars, which never depreciate.

Why do I need to choose a country?

You can choose a country you would like to represent in the game. In the leaderboards, you are represented as an individual, as well as a country. See how many coins and money you and your country can collect!

What can I purchase from the market?

Pickaxe – Increases your chance of mining a coin. Every time you purchase an upgrade, it significantly increases your chance of mining a coin. This item becomes very useful when less coins are available.

Autominer – automatically mines coins when the player is on the main screen. Every upgrade increases the rate in which the autominer mines. The game needs to be open for this to work.

Goldbars – trade your valuable coins in for some goldbars, which never lose its in-game monetary value.